We Should Trust This Guy Exactly Why…

He’s now the president of The United States.

Good job Trumpanzees. Happy Presidents’ Day.



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Retired from manufacturing management in 2012. Currently an active semi retired NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Exercise, philosophy, politics, government, science, and family occupies my non working and sleeping hours. Destroying the rancid acrimony that exists between conservatives and liberals, an acrimony destroying the very fabric of our society, is the ends to which this site dedicates itself.

5 thoughts on “We Should Trust This Guy Exactly Why…”

  1. Great video. It illustrates what a shapeshifter Lord Dampnut is. He has no core values. Liars never do. I’ve shared this over at P.E. with attribution to your new blog.

    1. Thanks Shaw!

      This fake president a creating greater division as he builds and expands his alternative reality.

      He has accomplished a whopping zero legislation in his first 30 days as his focus has been trashing the press for daring to question him and signing executive orders.

      Did I mention the Flynn-Russian debacle and scandal?

    1. Thanks for visiting TOM/Luke/Steve. Be advised you will not be published on this weblog again. We do not tolerate imbecilic trolls such as yourself. Individuals that have nothing of any significance, substance, or value whatsoever to offer.

      Get a life and don’t bother to waste your time returning. I’ll repeat the above because I know you’re very slow. You Will Not Be Published Again.

      Buh Bye!

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