Welcome To Rational Nation USA

Hello Everyone and Welcome To Rational Nation USA‘s New Word Press Site. We Hope You Will Find It An Improvement On Our Old Blogspot Site.

For New Comers To Rational Nation USA You Can Find A Link To The Old Site On Our Side Bar To Your Left.  Over 3,200 Posts Can Be Found In Our Archives There. We Hope You Will Enjoy Browsing Through Them.

Now down to business. We are not displaying our blog posts on our front  page. Mostly because your blog host is too lazy to figure out how to get it done effectively. That as well as your host simply likes to be different. A consummate individualist you might say.

So, how to find your way to our daily posts? You will notice a Calendar and a Categories drop down on our side bar just under our Link List to other blogs and news outlets. You can either select a Specific Date or a Category and viola, you will be directed to where you wish to go.

Enjoy Your Day, and, Thanks For Stopping In To Browse.

PS: I almost forgot to mention, further down on the sidebar you will also find an Archive Dropdown as well as a recent and most popular posts link. Both will give you another pathway to content on this weblog.